Autumn Photowalk - Carlisle

February 1, 2019

A few images to share from a gorgeous Autumnal photowalk last year.

We were really chasing the light with this 3pm shoot but little Max was an absolute pro and lets face it - working fast with a toddler isn't a problem... its a necessity!!

He had us all over the park, in and out of the trees, lining up his cars & tractors in the grass....along the park benches... brilliant! He was still going strong as the sun dipped behind the horizon and we were forced to call it a day.

You just can beat getting children out in the fresh air and into their own comfort zone to capture such relaxed, natural shots - shoots like this are my favourite!! 

howe-16_low res.jpg

howe-20_low res.jpg

howe-29_low res.jpg

howe-75_low res.jpg

howe-69_low res.jpg

howe-60_low res.jpg

howe-7_low res.jpg